Our List of Courses is Currently Being Updated

LEVEL 1 - Professional Executive Driver Training

The Aim of the Professional Executive Driver Training Course is to provide the candidates with the required skills in order to work as an Executive Driver. While anyone with a nice car can all of a sudden find themselves in a position where they are driving their best friend to the church on their wedding day, this does not make them Professional Executive Drivers. Having a Driving License does not make them Professional Executive Drivers, if they drive a taxi for a living, does not make them Professional Executive Drivers. ONLY persons who pass our course and persons who received formal training in Executive Driving may call themselves Professional Executive Drivers. Get on Our Courses Today!!!!!!


LEVEL 2 - Advanced Executive Protection Driver

Our Advanced Executive Protection Driver Training course brings course participants on an intensive 3 day training program designed to give them all of the knowledge and skills required to perform their duties as an Advanced Executive Protection Driver when situations begin to go wrong. Course participants will learn the skills of the Protection Driver and will learn the skills from 3 different points of view, Defensive, Evasive & Offensive driving consisting of J-turns,, Reverse 180's and more.


LEVEL 3 - Specialist Executive Protection Driver

The Specialist Executive Protection Driver course brings the course participants to the next level in Executive Protection Driving and into the world of "The Bodyguard". Course participants will learn the required skills and protocols in order to enter the world of The Executive Protection Officer. If you have ever dreamed of working on the red carpet at award ceremonies or working alongside Diplomats or Royalty then is the course for you.

Level 4 - Tactical Driver - Executive & Specialist

The Aim of Our Tactical Driver Program is to give participants the Knowledge to operate in a variety of environments utilising the skills they have achieved through their progression through levels 1-3. Once Participants have achieved Level 4 Status they may progress through to Our Instructor Program