Corporate Membership Benefits

Support, Advice & Guidance

Specialist dedicated workshops will take place on areas of interest or concern with experts available to advise, guide and clarify. Regular meetings and briefing sessions will also take place as required in response to industry developments particularly in areas of legislation, standards and licensing. Major conferences and trade shows have always been a feature of the work of the Institute; this will continue to be the case. Entry to these events will generally be free to Corporate Members.

Promoting your Organisation

The Institute’s official logo and name can be displayed on Corporate Member web pages and other company literature or advertising material. A Corporate Members register with relevant details i.e. name, and contact information published on the Institute website. A Corporate Member Certificate will issue. Seminars take place on a range of topics designed to help you promote and develop your business, this would include areas such as marketing, promotion and web site design.

Your views: gathered, passed on, expressed

A key function of the Corporate Member committee will be to take on board the views of members and represent the consensus at various fora. Policy direction derives from coordinated meetings and workshops through extended consultation and information gathering.

Continuous Professional Development for Management & Staff

The Institute manages the largest network of trainers in the country. These trainers offer courses in a range of subjects and at all levels. These trainers are Institute members and offer priority bookings with special rates to Corporate Members and their staff. The full list of qualifications available and information on the National Register of Trainers is on the Institute’s website.

Looking Ahead

Corporate Members will be the driving force behind this initiative with the support and facilities available through the Institute. Plans include researching the benefits of areas such as group insurance discounts, pension schemes and health insurance. Specialist sub-committees are proposed with a view to providing advice and support. Workshops on marketing, tendering, use of the internet, employment, finance and compliances are envisaged to take place to allow members to be leading, well-informed, quality driven companies.